Office of County Commissioners

Gillette, WY

April 6, 1999

The Campbell County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Tuesday April 6, 1999. Chairman Evans called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM and led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Commissioner Weakly led in prayer.

Present were Jan Evans, Fred L. Oedekoven, Alan Weakly, Commissioners; Susan F. Saunders, County Clerk; Mike D. Fuller, County Attorney; Carol Seeger, Deputy County Attorney, and Bryn N. Stewart, Director of Administrative Services.

The following consent agenda was presented:

MINUTES: Board of Commissioners’ Meeting, March 16, 1999


Board of Commissioners-Transfer $500.00 from 012.6517.2 Staff Development to 012.6052 Postage; transfer $200.00 from 012.6517.5 Meals & Lodging to 012.6052 Postage; transfer $11,500.00 from 020.6357 Industry in Ed. to 020.7193 Communication Equip.; transfer $60,000.00 from 020.7169 P&R Bldg. Improve. to 020.7193 Communication Equip.; transfer $1,200.00 from 850.7195 Road Machinery to 850.7211 Computer Hardware.

Public Works-Transfer $250.00 from 082.6039 Compensation Adjustment to 082.6025 Salaries, Part Time - O.T.; transfer $100.00 from 082.6042 P/R Benefits to 082.6025 Salaries, Part Time - O.T.; transfer $300.00 from 082.6092 Advertising to 082.6160 Engineering; transfer $490.00 from 082.6298 Other Travel to 082.6160 Engineering; transfer $150.00 from 082.6321.01 Recycle Coord. To 082.6160 Engineering; transfer $150.00 from 082.6669 Baling Wire to 082.6160 Engineering; transfer $750.00 from 082.6673 Gasoline to 082.6321 Misc. Services; transfer $750.00 from 082.6714 Filter Inventory to 082.6321 Misc. Services; transfer $1,500.00 from 082.6755 Gen. Vehicle Maint. to 082.6321 Misc. Services; transfer $1,000.00 from 082.6765 Baler to 082.6321 Misc. Services; transfer $20,000.00 from 083.6167 ADA Improv. to 083.6151 Surveying.

Juvenile Probation-Transfer $144.78 from 451.6052 Postage & Freight to 451.6234 Off Equip Maint Contract; transfer $100.00 from 451.6102 Assoc Comm Dues & Fees to 451.6234 Off Equip Maint Cont.

Maintenance Dept.-Transfer $2,000.00 from 481.6321 Contract Labor to 481.6666 Janitorial Supplies.

Public Library-Transfer $181.75 from 711.7088 Grants to 711.7088 (93575) Grants/Child Develop.; transfer $28.00 from 713.6114 Natural Gas to 713.6116 Garbage Collection.

Campbell County Fair-Transfer $200.00 from 731.7353 Premiums Ribbons/Troph to 731.6977 Stage/Tent; transfer $100.00 from 731.6951 Surety Bonds Employees to 731.6228 Other Prof Services; transfer $370.00 from 731.6553 Clothing Uniforms to 731.6368 Commissions; transfer $330.00 from 731.6694 Straw/Bedding to 731.6368 Commissions; transfer $215.00 from 731.6972 Animals to 731.6163 Judges; transfer $18.00 from 731.6972 Animals to 731.6228 Other Prof Services; transfer $133.00 from 731.6281 Automobile to 731.6053 Telephone; transfer $619.00 from 731.6282 Airplane/Train/Bus to 731.6053 Telephone.


Transfer 24 Hours from Employee #102605 To Employee #229809

Transfer 24 Hours from Employee #161672 To Employee #229809


Youth Emergency Services Inc.$ 6,150.00

Campbell County Clerk Tax Account86,021.63

Iowa Dept. Of Human Services83.00

Campco Federal Credit Union13,123.93

Clerk of District Court - Sheridan112.50

Wyoming Employee Federal Credit Union950.00

Clerk of District Court - Campbell952.83

Campbell County court94.32

CCCBTA - Vision2,314.74

U.S. Postal Service3,096.67

CCEHBTA - Health41,652.31






Campbell County Clerk Tax Account767.94

Campbell County Council of Comm. Services4,103.31

Wyoming Secretary of State30.00

Nancy L. Berson3,564.00

The Childhood Trust12,000.00

David L. Corwin1,128.00

Mark D. Everson5,564.00

Erna Olafson564.00

Colorado Dept. of Public Health28.50

Campbell County Clerk Tax Account82,417.47

Campco Federal Credit Union12,433.44

Clerk of District Court - Campbell250.00

Clerk of District court - Sheridan112.50

Campbell County Court102.60

Iowa Dept. of Human Services83.00

Wyoming Employee Federal Credit Union950.00


Denny R. Harrison3,083.54

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.38.00

Campbell County Clerk Tax Account103.89

Campbell County Clerk Tax Account10,258.66

Campco Federal Credit Union1,185.38


Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the consent agenda as presented. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the county vouchers for payment. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.


A & M Safety & Supply                                                   Road & Bridge                                                             64.00

Carmen A. Aarsby                                                            Best Beginnings                                                             2.00

Action Lock & Key                                                          Custodian                                                                       2.18

Adirondack Direct                                                            Commissioners                                                           305.00

Air Tech Heating & Air Conditioning                             Public Works                                                           3,287.86

Albertsons                                                                        Various                                                                       294.88

Alliant Foodservice Inc.                                                   Sheriff-Jail                                                               7,939.60

Della G. Amend                                                               Public Health                                                                30.52

American Family Life Assurance                                     General County                                                          780.12

American Horticultural Society                                        Extension Dept                                                             45.00

American Linen                                                                Landfill                                                                       541.51

American Public Health Assoc.                                        Public Health                                                              115.00

Anderson Improvement & Service                                   1% Sales Tax                                                           3,500.86

Animal Medical Center of Wy                                         Sheriff                                                                        141.00

Anixter Inc.                                                                      Sheriff                                                                        316.33

Arrow Printing & Graphics                                              Various                                                                    1,376.36

Associated Glass Inc.                                                       Various                                                                  12,087.35

AT & T                                                                             Various                                                                         16.17

At & T                                                                              Custodian                                                                   175.89

Automation Electronics Inc.                                             Various                                                                    3,673.35

Bankers United Life Assurance                                        General County                                                          193.90

Bar Seventy Six Limited Liability                                    Road & Bridge                                                        2,151.56

Barlow Agency Inc.                                                         Various                                                                    1,071.00

Bennett Construction                                                        Commissioners                                                      35,831.47

Best Power Technology Inc.                                            Information Technology Services                              212.31

Big D Sanitation                                                               Various                                                                       396.00

Big Horn Hydraulics Inc.                                                 Various                                                                         94.16

Big Horn Pediatrics, P.C.                                                 Public Health                                                              192.00

Big Horn Tire Inc.                                                            Various                                                                    9,549.86

Big Sky Lift Truck Inc.                                                    Landfill                                                                       157.18

Bilco Company                                                                Commissioners                                                           149.87

Black Box Corporation                                                     Information Technology Services                                  9.98

Black Hills Ammunition Inc.                                           Sheriff-Jail                                                               2,890.00

Black Hills Chemical Company                                       Custodian                                                                     95.80

BNA Communications Inc.                                              Commissioners                                                           752.00

Bob Barker Company Inc.                                                Sheriff-Various                                                           499.40

Brad Ragan Inc.                                                                Various                                                                    9,005.53

Jane C. Bradberry                                                             Public Health                                                                28.52

Patrick H. Buchanan, MD                                                Sheriff-Jail                                                                  595.00

Building Center                                                                Landfill                                                                         58.32

Business Communications Company                               Various                                                                       318.60

By Architectural Means                                                   Public Works                                                           3,546.54

C & S Security Inc.                                                          Sheriff-Various                                                           280.89

Call Before You Dig of Wyoming                                   Public Works                                                              100.00

Campbell Co. Bar Association                                         Attorney                                                                       37.50

Campbell Co. Chamber of Commerce                             Commissioner                                                              46.00

Campbell Co. Conservation Dist.                                     Various                                                                    3,810.00

Campbell Co. Council of Comm. Serv.                            Commissioners                                                      10,824.79

Campbell Co. Economic Devel.                                       1% Sales Tax                                                           8,333.33

Campbell Co. Extension Serv.                                         Commissioners                                                           171.12

Campbell Co. L.E.P.C.                                                     Commissioners                                                             40.00

Campbell Co. Memorial Hospital                                    Various                                                                       459.22

Campbell Co. Parks & Rec.                                             Wellness Program                                                      124.00

Campbell Co. Predatory Animal                                      Commissioners                                                        1,875.00

Campbell Co. Public Land Board                                     Various                                                                101,000.00

Campbell Co. School District                                           Various                                                                       324.10

Campbell Co. Senior Citizen Center                                1% Sales Tax                                                         13,152.83

Captain Clean                                                                   Public Health                                                                50.00

Carousel Foods                                                                 Commissioners                                                             70.00

Jeremy Carter                                                                   Attorney                                                                       30.00

Casper Star Tribune                                                          Various                                                                       894.22

Casper Truck Center Inc.                                                 Road & Bridge                                                           217.94

Caswell International Corp.                                              Sheriff-Various                                                           185.00

Cellular One                                                                     Various                                                                       445.94

Center for Professional Devel.                                         Public Health                                                                20.00

Certified Laboratories                                                      Road & Bridge                                                           134.70

Champion Spring & Brake                                               Various                                                                    1,724.58

Childrens Developmental Serv.                                        Childrens Center                                                  104,156.18

Choice Advertising                                                           Public Health                                                              602.42

Chris Supply Co., Inc                                                       Various                                                                         27.07

Darlene Christensen                                                         Extension Dept                                                           122.61

City Cleaners                                                                    Sheriff-Various                                                           192.55

City of Gillette                                                                  Various                                                                  16,051.20

Clement Communications Inc.                                         Public Works                                                              169.76

Clerk of Circuit & County Court                                      Attorney                                                                         8.00

Clerk of Courts-Hughes County                                       Attorney                                                                       23.00

Clerk of District Court-Campbell                                     District Court                                                              771.42

CMI-TECO                                                                      Road & Bridge                                                           341.91

Coast to Coast                                                                  Various                                                                         18.49

Collins Communications Inc.                                           Various                                                                       716.50

Colonial Life & Acc. Inc.                                                 General County                                                          240.18

Colonial Life & Accident                                                 General County                                                            13.00

Colonial Research Chemical Corp                                   Road & Bridge                                                             90.29

Colorado Department Public Health                                Attorney                                                                       28.50

Colorado St University/Pest                                             Extension Dept.                                                            40.00

Commnet Cellular Inc.                                                     Various                                                                       624.58

Community First National Bank                                      Commissioners                                                        8,907.59

Computerland                                                                   Information Technology Service                             3,351.78

Consolidated Engineers Inc.                                             1% Sales Tax                                                         18,990.69

Contractors Supply Inc.                                                    Various                                                                       192.10

Crescent Electric Supply Co.                                           Road & Bridge                                                             53.42

Cronatron Welding Systems Inc.                                      Road & Bridge                                                           159.77

Crum Electric Supply Co Inc.                                          Various                                                                       475.62

CSPI/Nutrition Action Healthletter                                  Various                                                                         40.00

Culligan Water Products                                                  Various                                                                         93.28

William Curley                                                                 District Court                                                              600.00

D & M Saddlery                                                               1% Sales Tax                                                              377.92

D.O. Inc.                                                                           Various                                                                    3,450.77

Dakota Steel & Supply                                                     Various                                                                    1,949.25

Dallas County                                                                   Attorney                                                                  1,063.00

Danko Emergency Equipment Co                                    1% Sales Tax                                                              776.84

Dans Supermarket                                                            Extension Dept                                                           990.00

Dans Supermarket-West                                                   Various                                                                       206.49

Dans Valu Plus Pharmacies                                              Public Health                                                                77.58

Data Imaging Systems                                                      Sheriff                                                                        415.00

Data Ink                                                                            Sheriff                                                                        155.00

Davis Chevrolet-Buick Cad                                             Commissioners                                                        7,164.79

Deans Backhoe & Hauling                                               Commissioners                                                        2,250.00

Decker & Associates Architects                                       Public Works                                                           2,730.00

Michael N. Deegan                                                           Commissioners                                                        5,278.10

Devs Airport Cafe                                                            Commissioners                                                           150.00

Kent Drake                                                                       Extension Dept                                                           226.57

Drew & Carlson                                                               District Court                                                           1,412.00

Drive Train Industries Inc.                                               Road & Bridge                                                        1,409.41

Agnes Drury                                                                     Sheriff-Court Security                                                  60.00

E & H Industrial Supplies Inc                                          Road & Bridge                                                           302.46

Eagle Communications Inc.                                             Various                                                                  10,081.30

Eagle Uniform Supply                                                      Various                                                                       865.76

Eberlein Painting                                                              Public Works                                                           1,607.00

Thomas J. Eekhoff                                                           Coroner                                                                         31.55

Ellis Sales & Service Inc.                                                 Road & Bridge                                                           202.90

Equitable Life                                                                   General County                                                          250.79

Janet K. Evans                                                                  Commissioners                                                           278.30

Executone of the Blackhills                                              Public Works                                                           1,196.25

Extraditions International Inc.                                          Sheriff-Jail                                                                  664.30

EZ Auto Wash                                                                  Public Health                                                                11.00

Fairbanks Scales                                                               Landfill                                                                       316.00

Fairmont Supply Company                                              Road & Bridge                                                           117.33

Falcon Consulting Services                                              Public Works                                                              981.10

Family Health                                                                   Sheriff-Jail                                                               1,480.00

Farmer Bros Co.                                                               Sheriff-Jail                                                               1,135.06

Farmers Co-Op                                                                 Various                                                                       906.94

Fastenal Company                                                            Road & Bridge                                                           372.65

Federal Express Corp                                                       Attorney                                                                       15.00

Darlene F. Fetters                                                             District Court                                                              304.66

Firemaster Mountain Region                                            1% Sales Tax                                                                86.64

First National Bank                                                          Various                                                                    5,861.54

Owen Frank                                                                      Sheriff                                                                          16.08

Fred Pryor Seminars                                                         District Court                                                              297.00

Frontier Communications Inc.                                          Various                                                                       509.18

Gases Plus                                                                        Various                                                                       471.43

Gateway Business                                                            Extension Dept                                                           463.00

GFG Food Service Inc.                                                    Sheriff-Jail                                                                  756.11

Gillette Abuse Refuge Foundation                                   Various                                                                    6,025.00

Gillette Babe Ruth                                                            1% Sales Tax                                                           2,000.00

Gillette Dairy of Black Hills                                            Sheriff-Jail                                                               2,951.09

Gillette Dental Group                                                       Sheriff-Jail                                                                  431.16

Gillette Garage Door Company                                        Public Works                                                              372.00

Gillette Printing Company Inc.                                        Various                                                                    1,364.00

Gillette Winnelson Company                                           Various                                                                       631.28

Joyce A. Goetz                                                                 Public Health                                                                28.52

Governing                                                                         Road & Bridge                                                             15.00

Graphix West                                                                   Sheriff                                                                          28.00

Green Spring Health Services                                          Commissioners                                                           850.02

H & H Lumber                                                                 Sheriff                                                                        130.21

Richard J. Hakert                                                              Road & Bridge                                                           243.00

Duane F. Haney                                                                Landfill                                                                         52.48

Hanks Catering Service                                                    Sheriff                                                                          17.60

Kristine S. Hanson                                                           District Court                                                                35.70

Hardware Hank                                                                Various                                                                       216.87

Harkers’ Distribution Inc.                                                Sheriff-Jail                                                               2,073.60

Jayne Harris                                                                      Road & Bridge                                                           728.00

Heartland Paper Company                                               Various                                                                       997.05

Hannah L. Heath                                                              Public Health                                                                22.27

Heins Electric of Wyoming                                              Public Works                                                              548.32

Patricia E. Heinz                                                               Public Health                                                                24.52

Herb Companion                                                              Extension Dept                                                             22.00

HESC                                                                               Commissioners                                                             65.00

Hewlett Packard Company                                               Assessor                                                                     108.00

Hiatt Thompson Corporation                                           Sheriff-Various                                                             41.00

Hillcrest Auto Body Spec. Inc.                                         Commissioners                                                           351.00

Hillcrest Spring Water Inc.                                               Information Technology Service                                  96.11

Hillyard                                                                            Custodian                                                                   122.50

George R. Hixon                                                              Public Works                                                              256.09

Hladky Construction Inc.                                                 1% Sales Tax                                                         52,411.86

Holiday Inn-Sheridan                                                       Juvenile Probation                                                        42.00

Holiday Plaza Cleaners                                                    Sheriff-Various                                                           436.35

Hot Iron Inc.                                                                     Public Works                                                           1,420.00

Kelly S. Hubbard                                                              Public Health                                                                38.64

Ideal Automotive                                                              Public Works                                                              506.31

Michael G. Iiams                                                              Public Works                                                                75.86

Ikon Office Solutions                                                       Various                                                                    3,409.54

Inland Truck Parts Co.                                                     Road & Bridge                                                           121.77

Insight Direct Inc.                                                             Various                                                                    1,406.09

International Assn Plumbing                                            Public Works                                                              380.64

International Conference Bldg.                                        Public Works                                                              594.85

Interstate Quick Lube                                                       Sheriff                                                                          42.65

Intertec Publishing Corp                                                   Assessor                                                                     115.00

INTTEC Inc.                                                                    Custodian                                                                   926.27

Isbill Associates                                                               Public Works                                                         10,875.85

Jacks Heavy Equipment Inc.                                            Landfill                                                                    2,563.91

Jenner Equipment Co                                                       Road & Bridge                                                           544.03

Jerico Electric Supply                                                       Road & Bridge                                                             36.70

JLC Sign Systems Inc.                                                     Extension Dept                                                             75.00

Johnson Controls Inc.                                                       Public Works                                                           3,382.61

Johnstone Supply of Billings                                            Public Works                                                              146.14

Lori J. Jones                                                                     Extension Dept                                                             62.56

Justice Planning & Mngt Assoc                                       Commissioners                                                           275.00

K-Mart                                                                              Sheriff-Jail                                                               1,470.00

K-Mart Pharmacy                                                             Public Health-Various                                                    8.65

KAML Radio                                                                   Sheriff-Jail                                                                    84.00

Jane A. Kibbee                                                                 Public Health                                                              143.75

KIML                                                                               Sheriff-Jail                                                                    84.00

Kinderprint Co Inc                                                           Sheriff                                                                        123.45

Kistler Tent & Awning Company                                    1% Sales Tax                                                              980.00

KN Energy                                                                       Various                                                                    4,656.30

Knapp Supply & Equipment Co.                                      Childrens Center                                                         660.00

Knecht True Value of Gillette                                          Various                                                                         91.97

Kruse Survey Supply                                                        Road & Bridge                                                             70.70

L & H Welding Inc.                                                         Road & Bridge                                                             27.82

Lab Safety Supply                                                            Custodian                                                                     79.55

Lakeway One Hour Photo                                                Various                                                                       124.26

Lannans Supply Company                                               Various                                                                       418.60

Laramie Daily Boomerang                                               Information Technology Service                                189.90

Lawn Master Spraying Service                                        Custodian                                                                   413.86

Lawrence County Sheriff Office                                      Attorney                                                                       31.50

Lawson Products Inc.                                                       Landfill                                                                       101.93

Lexis Law Publishing                                                       Law Library                                                                678.94

Michelle Lieber                                                                County Clerk                                                                21.57

Lightning Lube                                                                 Various                                                                         49.00

Debra A. Lind-Adsit                                                         Juvenile Probation                                                        54.51

Reba L. Lindblom                                                            Public Health                                                                29.77

Logemann Brothers Co.                                                   Public Works                                                              207.21

Luna Souvenirs Inc.                                                         Wellness Program                                                      806.00

Ruth U. Lundborg                                                            Public Health                                                                28.36

Lynns Auto Repair Inc.                                                    Various                                                                    2,769.85

M. Lee Smith Publishers & Print.                                    Commissioners                                                           257.00

Mac Tools                                                                        Road & Bridge                                                           291.00

Machine Products Inc.                                                      Sheriff-Various                                                           105.00

Magellan Software                                                           Information Technology Service                             1,587.00

Mail Boxes Etc                                                                 Sheriff                                                                          32.21

Mail Express                                                                    Various                                                                         10.90

Mannings Wrecker & Repair                                           Sheriff                                                                          50.00

March of Dimes                                                                Best Beginnings                                                         111.56

Master Blasters                                                                 Public Works                                                           1,361.70

Matteson Preuit                                                                Sheriff-Jail                                                                  206.25

Diana L. McCreary                                                           Public Health                                                                29.19

McKee Medical Center                                                    Coroner                                                                       648.50

Medi Badge Inc.                                                               WIC                                                                              45.90

Medical Arts Laboratory                                                  Sheriff-Jail                                                                  854.00

Medtwothousand Inc.                                                       Various                                                                       207.00

Maris L. Meister                                                               Sheriff-Court Security                                                  60.00

Robert J. Melvin                                                               Sheriff-Jail                                                                    11.18

Merck US Human Health Division                                  Various                                                                       594.96

Micro Warehouse Inc                                                       Commissioners                                                        2,939.45

Microfilm Service of Mt Inc.                                           Treasurer                                                                        9.24

Midas Muffler & Brake Shop                                           Public Works                                                              356.80

Midrange Computing                                                       Information Technology Service                                129.00

Midrange Solutions Corp                                                 Information Technology Service                           28,337.00

Midwest Radar & Equipment Inc                                     Sheriff                                                                        167.00

Mile High Turf Equipment                                               Parks & Rec                                                            4,976.68

Miller Electric Supply Inc.                                               Sheriff-Jail                                                                    19.58

Miller Roofing & Sheetmetal Co.                                    Public Works                                                              180.00

Minnehaha County Sheriff                                               Attorney                                                                         9.00

Miracle Recreation Equip Co.                                          1% Sales Tax                                                           6,466.00

Mobile Vision Inc.                                                           Sheriff                                                                          53.00

William H. Monahan                                                        Attorney                                                                       40.00

Mrs LS Catering                                                               Various                                                                       806.35

MTM Temps                                                                    Custodian                                                                   356.14

Myers Tire Supply (Denver)                                            Road & Bridge                                                           142.97

Napa Auto Parts                                                               Various                                                                       390.12

James J. Naramore, M.D.                                                 Sheriff-Jail                                                                  800.00

National Business Furniture                                             Various                                                                    4,034.82

National Fire Protection Assn.                                         Public Works                                                              329.70

Neve’s Uniforms Inc.                                                       Sheriff-Various                                                        1,035.08

Newman Traffic Signs                                                     Road & Bridge                                                           286.80

News Record                                                                    Various                                                                       433.05

Normed                                                                            Sheriff-Various                                                           114.95

North Gillette Little League                                             1% Sales Tax                                                           1,500.00

Northern Engine & Supply Inc.                                        Road & Bridge                                                           234.69

Northern Tool & Equipment Comp.                                 Various                                                                       876.72

Norton Construction Inc.                                                  Public Works                                                           1,542.00

Novell Inc.                                                                        Information Technology Service                                100.00

Novus Windshield Repair                                                Sheriff                                                                          35.00

NSFRE                                                                             Commissioners                                                           195.00

Nu-Motor Inc.                                                                  Public Works                                                              180.95

NWCCD/Gillette Campus                                                Various                                                                       606.55

O’Connor Company Inc.                                                  Public Works                                                           1,114.00

Oday Equipment Inc.                                                       Road & Bridge                                                             65.93

Oles Pizza Inc.                                                                  Public Works                                                              177.60

Olsten Staffing Services Inc.                                            Public Health                                                                93.36

Orchard Trust Company                                                   General County                                                       3,216.00

Oriental Trading Company Inc.                                        Commissioners                                                           134.41

Outlaw Tire Company                                                      Sheriff                                                                            9.50

Overhead Door Company                                                 Sheriff-Jail                                                                    39.86

Beverly A. Owsley                                                           Sheriff                                                                          40.00

Ricky D. Owsley                                                              Sheriff-Jail                                                                    40.00

Pacific Steel & Recycling                                                Landfill                                                                         14.24

Paintbrush Sanitation                                                       Extension Dept                                                             75.00

Paintbrush Sewer & Drain                                                Various                                                                       248.00

Paper Plus                                                                         Various                                                                       551.55

Randolph L. Parker                                                          Sheriff                                                                          11.69

Pasteur Merieux Connaught                                             Public Health                                                              539.50

Michael N. Patchen Law Firm                                         District Court                                                              348.72

PCA Engineering Inc.                                                      1% Sales Tax                                                           3,145.50

Pearson Oil Co., Inc.                                                        Landfill                                                                       562.10

Pennington County Sheriff                                               Attorney                                                                       22.80

Pennzoil Ten Minute Lube & Oil                                     Various                                                                       397.20

Penrose Advertising Specialties                                       Commissioners                                                           794.04

People Project                                                                  Commissioners                                                             78.29

Pepsi of Gillette/Sheridan                                                 Wellness Program                                                        95.00

William B. Peters                                                             Sheriff-Jail                                                                    41.27

Paula O. Petry                                                                  Public Health                                                                38.18

Photo Finish Inc.                                                              Public Works                                                                22.22

Physicians Desk Reference                                              Public Health                                                                67.45

Pioneer Apartments Inc.                                                   Commissioners                                                        1,000.00

Pitney Bowes Credit Corp                                                Attorney                                                                     229.55

Pitney Bowes Inc.                                                             Various                                                                    2,136.76

Polar Bear                                                                         Various                                                                         72.20

Powder Basin Cleaners                                                    Sheriff-Various                                                             52.50

Powder River Car Rentals Inc.                                         District Court                                                              277.95

Powder River Chemical Dependency                               1% Sales Tax                                                           1,891.67

Powder River Energy Corp                                              Various                                                                       568.95

Powder River Heating & Air Con.                                   Various                                                                110,256.38

Powder River Office Supply                                            Various                                                                    1,528.36

Powder River Power Inc.                                                 Various                                                                       577.82

Power Equipment Co.                                                      Road & Bridge                                                        2,144.57

Pressure King Inc.                                                            Road & Bridge                                                           249.42

Proelectric Inc.                                                                 Public Works                                                           2,247.10

Professional Pride                                                             Sheriff                                                                          59.95

Professional Secretaries Intl                                             Public Works                                                              139.00

Progressive Solutions Inc.                                                District Court                                                              233.00

PSI Health Care Inc.                                                         Public Health                                                                  4.50

Public Health Foundation                                                 Public Health                                                                86.25

Public Health Nursing Services                                        Public Health                                                                60.00

Public Risk Management Assoc.                                      Commissioners                                                           395.00

Quill Corporation                                                             Various                                                                       685.88

Quinlan Publishing Co., Inc.                                            Various                                                                       139.97

R & G Electric                                                                  Various                                                                  21,183.16

R & R Oil Inc.                                                                  Various                                                                    2,653.77

Radio Shack                                                                     Various                                                                       104.89

Radisson Hotel-Casper                                                     Public Health                                                              221.53

Ram Computer Supply Inc.                                              Information Technology Service                                315.80

Robert C. Randle                                                              Information Technology Service                             1,152.00

Rapid City Journal                                                            Sheriff-Jail                                                                  132.30

Rapid Lube                                                                       Sheriff-Various                                                           289.14

Razor City Locksmith                                                      Sheriff                                                                          12.25

Razor City Rental Inc.                                                      Various                                                                    1,707.41

Record Supply Inc.                                                           Various                                                                    3,954.83

Recreation Supply Company                                            Public Works                                                           1,223.61

Susan D. Reed                                                                  District Court                                                                58.50

Reeves Inc.                                                                       Public Works                                                           4,300.00

Reliable                                                                            Public Health                                                                64.82

Renew of Northeastern Wyoming                                    Landfill                                                                    2,598.23

Quent L. Reynolds                                                           Sheriff                                                                            2.09

Rich Boyce Recreation                                                     1% Sales Tax                                                           4,895.63

Kim Riley                                                                         Information Technology Service                             2,070.00

Road Runner Heating & Air Cond.                                  Landfill                                                                    1,368.50

Carol J. Ross                                                                    Commissioners                                                           267.21

Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain                                             Various                                                                       340.00

Royal T                                                                             Various                                                                         92.95

S.W.A.N.A.                                                                      Landfill                                                                       655.00

Safway Supply Inc.                                                          Various                                                                       905.43

Scott Brothers, Inc.                                                           Road & Bridge                                                           165.90

Seacrest Business Systems Inc                                         Information Technology Service                                749.25

Eric M. Seeman                                                                Commissioners                                                             34.00

Servall Uniform & Linen Company                                 Various                                                                       146.90

Sewnews                                                                          Extension Dept                                                             19.97

Stephen P. Shaw                                                               Juvenile Probation                                                        65.52

Teresa Shelton                                                                  WIC                                                                            192.28

Shober Builders                                                                1% Sales Tax                                                           9,789.00

Ron Shober                                                                       Road & Bridge                                                           113.24

SHRM                                                                              Commissioners                                                           130.00

Shuck, Marso, & Bennett                                                 Commissioners                                                        1,695.00

Simpsons Printers Inc.                                                      Public Health                                                              139.50

Sioux Valley Chapter/HDSA                                           Public Health                                                                45.00

Sir Speedy                                                                        Public Health                                                                20.48

SKC Communication Products Inc.                                 Public Works                                                                17.46

Smiths Food & Drug Center                                             Assessor                                                                       17.15

Linda G. Spangler                                                            Sheriff                                                                          40.00

State of Wyoming                                                            Sheriff-Jail                                                                    12.66

State of Wyoming                                                            Elections                                                                       32.13

State of Wyoming/Dept Health                                        Public Health                                                                30.00

Stevens, Edwards & Hallock                                            Commissioners                                                        9,235.35

Stewart & Stevenson Power Inc.                                      Road & Bridge                                                        2,069.95

Bryn N. Stewart                                                                Commissioners                                                           153.59

Stinger Spike Systems                                                      1% Sales Tax                                                              809.80

Strategic Supply Inc.                                                        Various                                                                       574.91

Sturgis Meat Service Inc                                                  Sheriff-jail                                                                    96.48

Suchor Concrete Construction                                          Public Works                                                         12,852.90

Sundance Equipment Co.                                                 Road & Bridge                                                           116.34

Thars Feed & Ranch Supply Inc                                      Various                                                                       153.24

Janet Thompson                                                               Extension Dept                                                             11.66

Thunder Basin Ford                                                          Public Health                                                              452.46

Top Notch Services Inc.                                                   Road & Bridge                                                           160.00

Top Office Products Inc.                                                  Attorney                                                                  1,555.00

Tower Construction Inc.                                                   Commissioners                                                      80,168.26

Trans Equipment & Supply Inc.                                       Landfill                                                                    1,898.75

Tri State Recycling Services Inc                                      Road & Bridge                                                             27.50

Truck & Industrial Supply Inc.                                         Various                                                                       878.67

TSP Two Inc                                                                    Commissioners                                                      15,401.02

Tucker Electric Inc.                                                          Public Works                                                           1,403.86

Tuckers Inc.                                                                      Various                                                                    4,881.07

Tuxall Uniform & Equipment                                          Sheriff                                                                        853.90

Two Guys Deco Inc.                                                        Public Works                                                           1,355.00

Two Way Radio Service Inc.                                           Landfill                                                                       154.29

U.S. Government-Print-Super Do                                    Commissioners                                                               8.25

U.S. Postmaster                                                                Attorney                                                                     500.00

U.S. Postmaster                                                                Juvenile Probation                                                      165.00

U.S. Postmaster                                                                Sheriff                                                                     1,000.00

U.S. Postmaster                                                                Information Technology Service                                  33.00

U.S. West Communications                                             Information Technology Service                                885.99

U.S. West Communications                                             Various                                                                  10,619.78

U.S. West Communications                                             Sheriff                                                                            1.80

U.S. Wire-Tie Systems                                                     Public Works                                                           1,317.80

United Way of Campbell Co.                                           General County                                                          104.50

Universal Athletic Service                                               Wellness Program                                                      127.80

Universal Toxicology Laboratories                                  Coroner                                                                         60.00

University of Wyoming                                                    Extension Dept.                                                          108.50

V One Oil Company                                                         Road & Bridge                                                           324.35

Valley Motor Supply Co.                                                 Various                                                                    2,063.54

Valley Welders Supply Inc.                                             Various                                                                       252.10

Viking Office Products                                                     Various                                                                    1,345.23

Visionary Communications Inc.                                       Various                                                                       512.00

Wal-Mart Pharmacy                                                         Public Health                                                              197.52

Wal-Mart Pharmacy                                                         Sheriff-Jail                                                               2,001.10

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.                                                       Various                                                                    1,655.66

Nola R. Wallace                                                               Public Health                                                                22.50

Rodney W. Warne                                                            Sheriff                                                                          24.46

Waste Connections of Wyoming                                      Various                                                                       542.40

Wells Fargo Bank                                                             Assessor                                                                       76.22

Wells Fargo Bank                                                             Attorney                                                                     246.89

Wells Fargo Bank                                                             Sheriff-Various                                                        4,173.82

West Group                                                                      Various                                                                    9,368.53

West River International, Inc.                                          Road & Bridge                                                           137.87

Western Plains Business Forms                                       Various                                                                    2,345.00

Western Plains Machinery Co.                                         Road & Bridge                                                           918.98

Western Water Conditioning Inc.                                     Treasurer                                                                      32.00

Western Water Consultants Inc.                                       Landfill                                                                    1,044.91

Western Welding                                                              Public Works                                                              105.00

Westside Carpet One                                                        Public Works                                                           2,469.10

Westside Flooring & Furn. Inc.                                        Public Works                                                              430.50

Westword Scout                                                               Various                                                                    1,017.95

Wilson Funeral Home                                                      Coroner                                                                       760.00

Pamela L. Wittenbach                                                      Public Health                                                                15.41

William B. Woodward, M.D.                                           Sheriff-Jail                                                                    56.00

Wright Auto Parts Inc                                                      Sheriff                                                                        210.84

Wright Community Services                                            Commissioners                                                           267.64

Wright Little League                                                        1% Sales Tax                                                           1,500.00

Wright Medical Services                                                  WIC                                                                         1,122.00

Wright True Value                                                           Sheriff                                                                          52.11

Wyoming Ambassadors of Music                                    1% Sales Tax                                                           1,000.00

Wyoming Assoc. Of Municipalities                                 Commissioners                                                        1,125.00

Wyoming Attorney General                                             Sheriff                                                                   12,879.00

Wyoming Copiers &Business                                          Information Technology Service                                297.50

Wyoming Department Transportation                              Clerk                                                                        2,810.38

Wyoming Investigators Assn.                                          Various                                                                    1,400.00

Wyoming Machinery Co Inc                                            Various                                                                    4,554.33

Wyoming Materials & Improvements                              Various                                                                    1,666.72

Wyoming Montana Safety Council                                  Commissioners                                                           695.00

Wyoming Public Health Assoc.                                       Public Health                                                              140.00

Wyoming Regional Counseling                                       Sheriff-Jail                                                                  510.00

Wyoming Retirement System                                          General County                                                     78,578.89

Wyoming Retirement-Life Ins.                                        General County                                                          321.00

Wyoming Stationery                                                        Clerk                                                                             10.95

Wyoming Tire Recycling                                                 Landfill                                                                    1,435.00

Wyoming Trial Lawyers Assoc.                                       Attorney                                                                     225.00

Wyoming Tribune Eagle                                                  Information Technology Service                                302.29

Wyoming Welding                                                           Road & Bridge                                                      45,938.20

XPEDX                                                                            Engineer                                                                     552.00

Yellowstone Hydraulics Inc.                                            Road & Bridge                                                             98.64

Youth Emergency Services                                              1% Sales Tax                                                           5,600.00

Loretta K. Zantow                                                            Wellness Program                                                        36.66

Zip Printing                                                                      Sheriff                                                                          37.00

Commissioner Weakly motioned to approve the Proclamation declaring April 5 as Public Health Week in Campbell County. Commissioner Oedekoven seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the FAA Grant Agreement for taxiway lighting in the amount of $115,167. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the release of final retainage for the Airport Terminal project to Hladky Construction. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve spending $31,925 from Commissioner’s Contingency to hire B E & K / Terranext to conduct a study of the Campbell County Landfill. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Weakly motioned to support the $75,000 Grant Application with Health and Human Services for the Early Head Start Program. Commissioner Oedekoven seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Weakly motioned to accept the bid from DRM, Inc., in the amount of $62,466.50 for the Edge Drain Project (Phase III) on the Garner Lake Road project. Commissioner Oedekoven seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to accept the bid from S&S Builders Partnership in the amount of $79,642.00, for the Concrete Stock Underpass (Phase IV) work on the Garner Lake Road project. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to correct the motion to approve Case No. 99.08COZ , made March 2, 1999. The motion was stated as R-R, Rural Suburban and it should have been R-R, Rural Residential. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to terminate the County’s $35,000 grant commitment to the Pine Butte Improvement and Service District and return the funds to the general account. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the application to the Wyoming State Land and Investment Board in the amount of $200,000 for the Garner Lake Road Extension Project. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Weakly motioned to approve the resolution of support for the Council of Community Services Emergency Shelter Grant application. Commissioner Oedekoven seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to grant approval of Case No. 99.02COSP Antelope Valley Business Park, Resubdivision Lots 4 & 5 Final Plat, Disclosure Statement, and Agreement for Completion of Improvements. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the Commissioners Resolution Authorizing Loan Transaction JPA-508A C1 through the Wyoming Loan and Investment Board, in the amount of $230,000 for the construction of a 26 unit T-Hanger. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted- Aye                                                                                   Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the amendment to the Immunization Contract entered into between Wyoming Department of Health and Campbell County. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to accept the bid from Tower West Inc./Opro Inc., to provide the meal at the Board Appreciation Dinner. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

Commissioner Weakly motioned to grant the Commissioner’s Scholarship Renewal to Libby Huskey. Commissioner Oedekoven seconded the motion. The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

The Commissioners adjourned for lunch at 11:55 AM and reconvened at 1:30 PM into a workshop.

The Commissioners reconvened into regular session at 2:35 PM.

Commissioner Oedekoven motioned to approve the Resolution allowing for the sale and use of fireworks from May 30, 1999, to midnight, July 12, 1999, and storage and possession of fireworks is authorized as of May 10, 1999. Commissioner Weakly seconded the motion The Board was polled:

            All Voted - Aye                                                                                  Carried.

There being no further business to come before the Board of Commissioners the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM. The next regular scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioners will be held on Tuesday April 20, 1999 at 9:00 AM in the Commissioners’ Chambers of the courthouse.

______________________________________                                                        _____________________________________

Susan F. Saunders, Clerk                                                                                            Janet K. Evans, Chairman

Board of Commissioners                                                                                            Board of Commissioners